Discovery & Bookings Report 2017

One of the most in-depth industry reports on how travellers from across the globe behave when it comes to discovering the right accommodation options for themselves, and how they like to book them.

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Why's this one of the most comprehensive insights into the accommodation industry?

Unlike anonymous surveys with questionable data quality, I actually talked to 1500 real travellers across the globe. I took care to keep the demographic, ethnic, lifestyle subsets balanced. This was not an online survey. I talked to each of these people over the phone and some conversations were 30 mins to 1 hour long. The report took 6 months to prepare with two dedicted resources.

  • How do people discover the right hotels today?
  • What makes for a good deal?
  • How much do reviews matter? How are they consumed?
  • Why do travellers call hotels before/after booking?
  • How does alternative accommodations (like B'n'B's) stack up against traditional hotels?

This is a 30 page in-depth report that covers all the above points and much more.

Download the Hotels and Alt.Acco. Discovery and Bookings Report 2017

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I have also included a step-by-step process on how to conduct rock-solid customer discovery exercises. It is the most comprehensive guide on the topic available online. Hands down!

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